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The evolution of a brand

Clear, effective branding is how your company distinguishes itself from your competitors. It is vital because people want to do business with companies they trust — and whose products they are familiar with.

To achieve this, we use many disciplines. First, we become completely familiar with your market and its opportunities and challenges. We are especially interested in why your prospects should choose you over your competitors.

Then we apply visual communications and commercial skills to make yours the 'go-to' brand in your market.

Making your brand strong, consistent and visibly different to that of your competitors ensures it is easy to recognise, engages emotionally with customers and makes them feel good when they buy your products or services.

But this is only the beginning. Your brand presence needs to be constantly reinforced, updated and seamlessly applied across all media — and take into account how these continue to change. These include your products, website, social media, annual reports, brochures — all the way through to how your staff treat your customers.

This takes a flexible, up-to-date problem solving process that entails substantial creativity, innovation and technical expertise.

Once it has been created we can also help manage its consistent implementation across multiple media.

For one of our clients we have had the exciting challenge of rebranding them four times over the past eight years, to maintain their core identity while accommodating their growth and increasing number of products and services across Australia.

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