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corporate literature

Everything and anything printed that carries a message from your organisation and has your name to it.

Items can range from small leaflets or brochures to annual reports or full-on corporate profiles and presentations. Plus promotional pieces like catalogues, calendars, newsletters, posters, banners, spec sheets, give aways and more.

Such pieces can often be the first point of contact with your prospects, the foundation that builds and enhances recognition, establishes your corporate personality, defines products, services and your organisation's mindset.

As such they must carry your branding.

Your literature is a reflection of your company's culture and community. Well designed and produced material strengthens and reinforces your brand message.

Brochures and corporate profiles are especially useful at exhibitions, presentations, showrooms and shops, giving prospects an easy way to consider your offering at leisure and take in your whole message instead of just parts of it. That will also enhance your competitive positioning.

The downside of this is that the reader, having the time to do so, will look at your printed material very closely and possibly judge you rather harshly on it.

We have had several instances where a new client, producing an excellent, superior product range, had chosen to announce this on literature that looked so old-fashioned and shoddy it actually reduced sales against better-presented competition.

We sorted out their brochures, along with their equally clunky website and rather random-looking stationery and other materials, effectively repositioning them and giving their products a new, highly competitive branding that produced immediate enquiries and sales.

If you would like us to do the same for you. Please fill in the form below and we will be in-touch.

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