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The key to great packaging is defined in the blink of an eye.

If your product packaging clearly communicates at a glance what (and who) the product is for and strongly showcases your brand then you are well on the way.

At the heart of great brands and packaging designs are originality, character and memorability. These can be achieved even if the physical packaging is something generic like a bottle or a box.

The design should be an uncommon, bold style but still clear and simple. It also has to outshine category competitors so it stands out on the shelf.

This is vital: a product is rarely if ever seen by itself. The viewing distance tends to combine displayed items into masses of colour, resulting in a confusing kaleidoscope of patterns.

Your packaging has to work extra hard to break out from the competitive herd. Sometimes it can be hard to find even if the consumer knows what they are looking for. And did we mention the extra confusion caused by lookalikes and image ripoffs?

This is where encompassing your products within a visually systematic design scheme comes into its own. Once that is established (think biscuits, dairy products, breakfast cereals, vitamins) it becomes easy to change product visuals and information while presenting as a cohesive suite of products.

The result: a great looking family of products with practicality, sustainability, environmental responsibility, recycling regulations, legal, regulatory and distribution logistics all part of the mix.

Packaging is the last message consumers see before purchase and the last chance to convince them to buy.

We'll make sure it's a strong one. Contact us to discover how.

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